Deepen your Bond at Valentines Day in London

Celebrate your love in London this Valentines day. Sweep your partner off her feet, with the aid of exotic Valentines Day packages at  London hotels. What can a more striking expression of love, than through a Valentines Day getaway at these hotels? Striking the right chord, it will let you have a rendezvous with utter divinity around. Have a look to know more:

Grange Holborn

This luxury five star hotel can be traced by the romantics at Southampton row in London. It is on its way to become a landmark of London. Cherish those intimate moments together in this elegant place. Grab its charming Valentines Day packages from 11- 14 Feb and 18-20 Feb, 2011. Pamper your senses in the holistic hotel spa after checking in. Dine with a lavish treat at its restaurant. End your day in its exquisite rooms.

The Montague on the Gardens

The tranquil area of Bloomsbury in central London is the place where this four star hotel is located. The hotel stands tall amid many London attractions besieging it. The Valentines Day packages can be availed in the entire month of February from 1st to 28th Feb 2011 of this month. The revelry hoists from one night stay in its eloquent rooms. You will be bestowed with red roses and a bottle of pink champagne. English breakfast will be served daily in your room. This is a perfect Valentines Day celebration to look forward to.

Kingston Lodge Hotel

This is a wonderful hotel for a peaceful vacation in London. The charming courtyard garden will rivet you in the reverence around. Cherish your Valentines Day at this hotel at the lush green country side of London. The place provides a fantastic romantic weekend. The hotel will have you relaxed and sooth in the double bedroom with a bottle of exotic champagne followed by a dinner for two.

Venues for Sports Addicts in London

Sports enthusiasts are endowed with a variety of options in London spurring a gush of fervour in them. Whether you have fascination in football, rugby, tennis or basketball, or something else, London lodges all the ideal sporting venues. No matter if you are a Londoner or a traveller, you will find something or the other to immerse yourself in. Have a glance at some of these celebrated sporting arenas:

The Chelsea Football Club

You must have heard about this eminent club over a dozen number of times. Now grab a chance to pay a visit to this lavish club located in Fulham Road in London. Foot ball lovers have every reason to find their spirits soaring high in this club built way back in the year 1905. An astounding capacity of over 41, 841 spectators can grace the Stamford Bridge football stadium inside the famous club. Known to be a host of prolific football events, this place also offers a variety of plush conference venues for your business prospects. Not only that, visitors an also join the splendid four star hotels and restaurants at this fabulous club.


If tennis is your thing, Wimbledon in London can never disappoint you. Known for playing a host to the major tennis championships for over a century, it can be traced in the south west part of London. London hotels in Wimbledon will provide travellers, an ease of an access to their favourite tennis matches. All English Lawn tennis Championships conducted over here are one of the most respectable and oldest tennis tournaments in the entire globe. Other sporting activities like rifle shooting, horse racing, motorcycle speedway and football can also be smacked inside the famous suburb of Wimbledon.


Ardent admirers of cricket all over the globe consider Lord’s to be the Mecca of cricket. People vouch by the name of this place which has witnessed some of the grandest cricket matches played inside its premises. Also in the stadium, you can trace the most ancient sporting museum by the name MCC Museum.

London A Must for All You Fashion Enthusiasts out there

Where else will you find designer luxury brands accentuated deluxe malls on one hand, and myriad low priced but polished material festooned flea markets on the other, at the same place? Grab a ticket to London and you will find out. Fashion lovers are thrown open new and eclectic avenues at London, in form of finest of an array including, in vogue ensembles, chic accessories, stylish head gear, and foot wears. Londoners as well as fashion savvy travelers to the city can scavenge these shops and markets, for a bargain or two and flaunt off their proud possessions to their chums. Let’s look into some of these gems:

Upmarket Stores of London

Harrods- Ask anyone in Knightsbridge about this high class and lavish store and you will come to know. A brand to reckon with, Harrods have clients gracing it, from international celebrities to crèmes jostling and huddling for their designer ensembles. Besides, lay your claim to some exclusive array of wallets, purses and watches.

Harvey Nichols-Dedicating eight floors for shopping enthusiasts and frequented by men and women, this classic store is a sort of paradise for lovers of fashion, since its inception in the year 1880. Find a range of designer perfumes, sun glasses, and boots besides the regular stuff and many more. Tuck into sumptuous restaurants sited on the fifth floor taking care of your hunger pangs after you get tire of al that spree.

Inexpensive Flea Markets for All

Camden- Indulge in your beloved hobby for shopping, and splurging your heart out here. Where else you will find a host of musical instruments, junk jewellery and handicrafts at one place but here. Voracious readers will find themselves glued to this place, finding bestsellers at price tags that don’t cause them a bombshell.

St. Martin-in-the-Fields Market-Brimming with crafts and art pieces from Asian and American countries, bask here in this market located in Trafalgar Square. It is a pedestal for juveniles for grabbing cheap soccer stuff with delicious food stalls comprising this vibrant market.


Chinese New Year commemorations are already in full swing with the date falling on 3rd Feb, 2011. Observing these celebrations from Feb 6, 2011, London is all geared up for this big event. Let’s see how the revelry is rolling up in various parts of London:

Where: Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, and Chinatown

Time: 12 Noon -6 PM

Nearest Tube Stations: Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus, and Charing Cross

When is Chinese New Year?

Involving the science and realms of both Gregorian and lunar solar systems, the date for Chinese New Year varies but begins usually between late January and mid February every year. Each year is denoted by an animal’s name according to twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac like Dragon, Snake, Rabbit, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig, Rat, Ox, and Tiger. 2011 is fallen on the animal sign of “Rabbit”.

Role of London

Central London sees the biggest bashes outside Asia to mark this festive event probably because of the confluence of the Chinese communities inhabiting a large chunk. Not only Chinese but Londoners from all wakes of life indulge in this festive fervour. You can be a part of it by  getting your London hotels booked right away. Last year’s revelry is still fresh and etched in the minds of the people. The sheer splendour in Trafalgar Square in way of Chinese groups gyrating to the tunes of world class music, with huge and vibrant Chinese dragons and magnificent decorations was a sight to savour. Whereas China Town had lavish stalls and exhibits with special lion dance displays. A hearty feast of delights for people to relish on was also present around. Hailed as the Hong Kong of London China Town, Shaftesbury Avenue had amazing Chinese artists performing on its streets. Leicester Square concluded the event with enchanting fireworks.

This Year Overview

The first Sunday after Chinese New Year i.e. on 6th of Feb, 2011 will see the spurt of exhilaration soaring. The official ceremony will begin on Trafalgar Square with China Town taking the lead. The details are yet to be confirmed.

Look forward to a great revelry and carousal on the streets of London with amalgamation of expert Chinese artists and Londoners as spectators playing charms in it. Travellers can reserve their tickets to London hotels and be a part.

Bask in Festive Fervour of Winter Wonderland in London

Date: Nov 19, 2010- Jan 4, 2011

Timings: 10 AM- 10 PM

Venue: Hyde Park

Nearest Tube Station: Hyde Park Corner

Yes it is back and how? The moment you had been all waiting for the entire yearlong has been finally arrived, as the biggest winter fair is back this holiday season with a storm in London , to set in motion your festive celebrations of 2010.

The Event

Hyde Park proudly presents to you a full of frolic and rollick family event, for all ages like whether kids or folks in their 50s or 60s, who are all going to fall for this charm. So what is in offer? Well besides a sight of the largest winter ice rink, fasten your seat belts for a lavish display of Santa Grottos, cartoons, puppets, friendly rollercoaster rides, and exclusive Christmas markets to splurge in. Ebbing out the stress in you, kids will have a whale of a time here in this enigmatic wonderland, which is a spectacle of sorts.

Special Attractions

  •    Mélange of lush winter ice rink touted as the biggest in business
  •    Zippos Circus- Watch the antics of clowns, giving you fits of laughter in a cozy heated tent.
  • Winter Cirque
  • Giant Observation Wheel offering sweeping views across the entire city.
  • German Christmas Markets- Bask in here for an exclusive variety of rare and special Christmas gifts and souvenirs for your near and dear ones.
  • Also on the cards you will find festive delights from sumptuous hot chocolates, cookies, pastries, to a sizzling array of fancy drinks to beat the chill.


Without burning a hole in your pocket, Hyde Park makes a festive cut in, by offering the tickets in as low as £ 4.50 to the stipulated limits of £ 20.50. So clinch on the tickets as fast as possible to cherish lifelong memoirs.

Travellers to the city can halt at nearby London hotels in Hyde Park and indulge in their leisure with their entire brood in tow. All said and done why don’t you people go and check out what the fuss is all about.

Explore London on Two Wheels with London Cycle Hire Scheme

For all those of you, who are gravely aspiring to revive their childhood memories of riding a two wheeler and that too in your favourite city of London, can now avail, London Cycle Hire Scheme with no strings attached. Visitors can grab the golden chance to trace the pathways of London, while on their own around hotels in London. So what’s this scheme is all about? Let’s look into some of its details of this new cycle revolution:

When and how did it actually started off?

The scheme initially rolled out in 30 July, 2010 and is sponsored by London’s very prestigious Barclays Bank shelling out £25 million for the next five years, in a bid to promote this eco friendly sport and create something new and exciting for travellers. Here they can rightfully access any of the 5000 chic cycles from London Travel Zone 1, the docking areas around Central London after paying some charges.

How much need to dole out by enthusiasts to avail the scheme?

Londoners and visitors to the city have to squeeze out just a nominal expense, in form of access and hiring fees to the requisite authorities for a stipulated time ceiling of 24 hours a day to the utmost.

  •  Access Fees-There is a provision of paying on annual basis in form of £ 45 or either laying out, £1 for a day or a lump sum payment of £ 5 per week.
  •  Hiring Fees-After you relinquish the access fees, hire the bikes starting at £1 for 1 hour gradually escalating to £ 50 for a day.

In case you return the bike overlapping the time, you need to a pay a penalty fees of £150 straightway.

Who can avail this golden chance?

Any one qualifies for a drive in the bikes, whether from London or someone on his tour to London, barring the children who are under 14 years of age.

What to do with the cycles once the journey is over?

Drop off your bike once you are done with your travel or in case the time lapses, in any of the 300 docking stations around London.

Extra information

Travellers will be provided directions to their journey through travel maps found at different docking stations.

What will be the benefits?

  • You can shake off that extra bulk while enjoying spectacular views of the city
  • Low Transportation Cost
  • Miniscule or Zero levels of Pollution
  • A must thing for all those travellers wishing to dispense off with expensive travel options in the city.

A Day Out with Your Kids in London

While planning a trip with family, the constant query in your mind would be to search for a place, which offers the best family time with your kids and where your children can also learn while playing. With the city of London taking the helm of affairs for the kids, just chill and book your tickets to hotels in London. Here is a list of top activities for kids to try out in London with their family:

Museum of London Docklands

Your kids can have a whale of a time in London with some varied pool of events at the realm of their disposal at this fun museum, themed on docks in London. With kids of very age group gracing this museum, they can drive dummy trucks, lift the cargo acting as if they are workers, in an ambience resembling that of London docklands. Also watch out for the activity packs for kids available on first floor of this museum. The access is entirely free of cost.

London Zoo

Kids would love to see an elephant splashing its long trunk in water, or a ferocious tiger who is roaring in its full volume to ascertain its position as king of the jungle or varied flocks of birds fluttering and slurping from the same beaker of water. For all this and more, carry your child to London Zoo, which has an astonishing 750 variety of rare specious of amphibians, reptiles, mammals and birds. Get to see world’s primitive aquarium here in the zoo, which is now spread over three large halls.

St Pauls Cathedral

If you want to inculcate virtuous habits in your children, along with a rendezvous with the rich history of Britain, you shall take them to this magnificent and one of the largest churches in the world. Destroyed in the Great Fire of London in the year 1666, the church was built once again by world famous architect Christopher Wren. Well known for its grand dome, and galleries, visitors can pay a quick visit to this famous church while halting at hotels near St Pauls.

Your Pets don’t Need to go Astray with Fabulous Pet Friendly Hotels in London

If you are the one who do not want to leave their pet behind while going for a vacation or a business trip, London provides the perfect opportunity with a wide range of pet friendly London hotels where your pet can accompany you and will be taken duly care  in your absence. These hotels are equipped with all the pet friendly services and activities including a perfect pet menu. Find out some of the famous pet friendly hotels here in our list:

The Bermondsey Square Hotel

Located on the Bermondsey Square in London, this stylish hotel with a capacity of 79 rooms equipped with top notch facilities like air conditioning, entertainment system, drink making facilities and many more is a pleasure for its guest. Pets are provided a separate bed for your comfort. If you don’t want to leave your pet behind for long while you are exploring the city, this hotel provides you the perfect solution as is just a stone’s throw away from some of the major tourist sights like Tower of London, Tate Modern, Bermondsey Street among many others.


This pet friendly five star hotel, an absolute delight for you welcomes your best friend with a warm staff and caretakers ensuring that they do not feel lost in an alien environment. The rooms are neatly designed taking in consideration all the pet friendly and non friendly items. There are also grooming services available for the pet. Enjoy a trip to this hotel on the famous Buckingham Palace Road that makes your stay in London a memorable one.

The Milestone Hotel

This classic luxury hotel, a right blend of traditional and contemporary has all the facilities and splendour directed especially towards you and your favourite buddy. Your pet will love to walk and run around in the huge and magnificent landscaped Kensington Park near the hotel. Have a treat at the tastefully designed Chenestone’s Restaurant of Milestone. A custom made menu is also available for the four legged creature.

London Gyms A Perfect Way to Living

London has a horde of plush fitness centers and gyms as People here are very fitness conscious and consider them necessary for living a life of absolute health and vitality. Personal attention is given to the clientele by efficient trainers through different forms of work-out and exercises to suit every body type. Visitors can also take the benefit of these gyms to refresh themselves and to enjoy the most of their vacation while staying in London hotels. A list of some popular gyms is as follows:

The Third Space

Located in Sherwood Street in London, this huge unique gym covering four floors has the exclusive facility of a hypoxic chamber with low level of oxygen and perfect for those people who are vying in higher altitude. Besides, it also includes a boxing room, climbing centre, a variety of workouts which includes martial arts, yoga and burlesque among many others. Added facilities of laundry and medical centre are also being provided.

Aegis Training Limited

Formed by Graeme Marsh and Greg Smith in Hewett Street, this spacious gym with a wide area of almost 3000 square ft offers great trainers and a swarm of experts of this field to guide you in each and every step leading to perfect rejuvenation of mind and spirit. The best thing about this fitness centre is that you don’t have to pay the entire amount in lump sum, and pay per session you want to attend. Have a stay at hotels around Liverpool Street which are located in close proximity to this esteemed gym.

Body Conditioning Studio

Started in the guidance of expert Rambert performer and Pilates teacher, Dreas Reyneke, this gym serves the best of everything to its clients in form of lavish rooms, equipments and a warm and efficient staff. The place is a safe bet for those looking to having a great workout with undisputed value of their money. Board a Notting Hill Gate tube station to arrive here in this gym.

Invigorate yourself through these fabulous gyms equipped with the latest machinery and state of the art facilities.

Celebrate New Year in Style with Lavish New Year Events in London 2010

London is a must visit place in all times of the year but at New Year the whole city bathes in a unique and splendid charm of festivities. The activities that are a part of this wonderful fest especially at the New Year eve in London are very thrilling and a must part of your things to do in London. Book your stay in London hotels while being a part of the revelry going in the air. Some of the great events are:

Moondance New Year Eve

Celebrated in great pomp and show, this event is sure to keep you hooked with some of the amazing events plan in the offering for its guests. Held every year in the magnificent surroundings of Ewer St Car Park in London with a massive crowd of 3,000 people around, the show starts on eve of the New Year starting from 9 pm till 6 am in the morning. With some wild music from all arenas indulge in your pleasure while dancing your heart out. Besides, top notch lightning and great production values at this event will add to your fun.

Pacha New Years Eve

If you want to celebrate this New Year in true James Bond style find out the fun event of Pacha New Years Eve an ideal destination. By shelling out just 20 pounds, you can enjoy the most hip party ever with a very interesting line up of celebrities from showbiz. Go for Pacha New Years Eve for some great ambience, good music by top DJs making your stay in London a memorable one.

Innovative New Year Eve

In its quest of offering something new and original every year, the makers of Innovative New Year Eve has successfully come out with some lavish events gracing this New Year Eve. With 16 hours of nonstop partying covering almost 5 arenas in a wide expanse of a land, get ready to party with some famous celebrities around like Hype, Dreem Teem, Probe, Zen and Ratpack among others.

Forget the chill of winter, the festivities will keep you warm with lively activities and friendliness of people in London.

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