London is a great place for travel enthusiasts and tourists. Much like its major attractions such as the London Bridge, Big Ben, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace etcetera, there are some secret picnic spots that most of the people are totally unaware about. As compared to the vibrant attractions in London, the picnic spots are less frequently visited. However, some of these picnic spots in London have their own charm, here are some listed below:

St. Johns Lodge Gardens

St. Johns Lodge Gardens is an excellent space for family outing, away from the eyes of most tourists and remains to be one of the best picnic spots famous among Londoners. The park around St. Johns Lodge Garden is called the Regent Park and it’s the largest grass area in Central London. Regent Park has an Open Air Theatre, cafes and restaurants and vicinity to the London Zoo which make it a perfect place for a family outing. Henry VIII used The Regent’s Park as a hunting ground way back in his time. The Regent’s Park then had wooden boundaries and a surrounding ditch which now has transformed into a stylish garden and a sports field.
The park opens 365 days a year from 5:00am BST onwards till the sun goes down.

A british family having a nice time in the privacy of these parks

A British family having a nice time in the privacy of these parks

Nearby Tube Stations
The nearest tube station is the Regent’s Park on the Bakerloo line.

Greenwich Park
Greenwich Park is spread in 13 acres of land which also is a sanctuary for foxes, exotic birds and deer. The park has been a home since the ancient Roman era and has always been linked with royal blood. The land was hereditary to Henry V’s brother and since then has been popular with the royal family. You can visit the park just to enjoy wildlife and appreciate what the nature has to offer.

Man jumping in air at Greenwich park

Man jumping in air at Greenwich park

The park is open 6:00am onwards all around the year. Greenwich Park opens to vehicles from 7:00am onwards and is closed for trespassing from 10:00am to 4:00pm to vehicles. The park also remains closed for traffic during bank holidays and weekends.

Nearby Tube Stations

The nearest tube station to Greenwich Park is the North Greenwich on the Jubilee Line.

Richmond Park

The Richmond Park has been voted as a site of special scientific interest and a National Nature Reserve for its varied landscape of hills, woodland gardens amongst the tress and varied wild life.

Deers at Richmond Park

Deers at Richmond Park

The Park has transformed very little over the centuries and is surrounded by people.
The park was known as the Manor of Sheen when it was under Edward(1272-1307). The name Richmond Park only came during Henry VII’s reign and has remained the same ever since.
The park is open from 7:00am in summers and 7:30 in winters closes at dusk throughout the year.

Nearest Tube Stations
The nearest tube station is Richmond Station on the British Rail or the District Line.

Fulham Palace Gardens
The Fulham Palace stands at the estate where the Bishops of London ruled for over 1300 years.
The Palace has been the country home from the 11th century to Bishops.
The best part about the Fulham Palace Gardens is that the admission to the Palace and its grounds is free of charge.
The garden had the longest moat in England which was later in filled in 1924. It’s not just the garden, the museum and palace in vicinity waiting to be explored. A very famous tree in the Fulham Gardens is the Bishop’s Tree. Make sure you do check it out. The gardens remain open from dawn to dusk all year round.

Nobody plans to wait in a queue with his family when they plan a picnic. Less crowded, clean and green gardens make these parks the best picnic spots in London. Whenever it is a family outing, you plan to make it a little more family oriented away from the masses to enjoy privacy and to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Look no more and shhhhhhhhhh, keep it a secret!

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